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FloorPro® Floor Flatness F-Number Measurement Blog

Why the Concrete Polishing and Restoration world loves the FloorPro®

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It’s a huge trend right now.  Getting rid of your old tile, your old linolium, your old carpet…and replacing it with polished concrete floors.

Remodelers worldwide are finding that polished, restored concrete is much more economical, and looks great.

The problem is that the company who installs the new concrete(or installed the original) often likes to take the money and run before the concrete has been fully tested, that it’s within tolerance.  Sometimes, it’s not even finished all the way to the wall.

But its not all their fault, they install the concrete, and get it all troweled, but a few months later the concrete has curled and the floor no longer is in spec.  And we’ve got a problem on our hands.

Fingers get pointed, and questions are asked.  The polishing company is often left holding the bag.  The owner expects the polisher to finish what the contractor didn’t and to overcome the curled edges all for a quote based on neither.  You need to back up your position.

The FloorPro® makes it easy to get the answer you need right away.  You can communicate with the owner right away and get paid for problems that are inherent in the slab before you start work.  You can even offer to measure the floor when the concrete is placed.  That way you know it’ll be right for polishing.

The concrete polishing and restoration world loves the FloorPro® because:

It’s Easy to Use.

Within 90 seconds, you can have a FloorPro® out of the box, and ready to do a run.  That’s by far the fastest time for all the floor measurement devices on the market, and it’s a no brainer.

The INSTANT runs.

Once you’ve setup the FloorPro® for its run, you just hit a button and the run begins instantly, on its own.  Instant measurements, being displayed as you watch on the LCD screen.  And what’s better?   Just let the FloorPro® run while you go and do something else.  Then get your results after it’s stopped and when you’re ready.


The FloorPro costs 30% less than the F-Meter®.  Yet it is easier to use, and the accuracy is just as good (if not better).    What is the true cost of having to pull your machine across the floor day after day?

That it’s fast.

Because the FloorPro® is so fast (and so accurate)you can get more done and sooner.  The runs happen so quickly that you might decide to do a couple extra.  But you don’t have to…after all, you probably have some other things to attend to.  And now you can.

Until next time,

Carl Ytterberg
CEO Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.

PS – The FloorPro® costs 30% less than the F-Meter®.  It is just as accurate (probably a lot more).  It runs automatically.  Why hold yourself back by tethering yourself to a string and having to tow something around?  Free yourself.  Click here:

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New Lanes on the Highway

Written By:

Today I was driving down the highway in a section
that had been in construction for what seemed like
forever.  Probably at least two years.

You know how it goes, they take the highway speed
down from 75 to 55, close down a lane, and everybody
gets jammed up.  After awhile you just start to
accept it and it becomes normal.

Things are slow, congested, and it’s just how it
is.  Nobody is really too happy about it but we all
just kinda live with it.

Then after awhile, usually after a couple years,
they finish the new lane on the road, and finish
painting the new lines on the pavement.  Then to
wrap it up, they let the cones sit out there for a
few more days, until finally you have a new lane open.

All of a sudden it’s like holy cow!  Everybody is
back to traveling at 75 MPH.

It’s like a big weight has been lifted off of your
chest.  You’re back to cruising at 75 miles per
hour, getting to where you need to go quicker.  And
it feels great to get moving again.

And after a couple months, it becomes the new normal.

Once you’re used to it, you don’t really think back
to how slow the highway used to be.  Or how narrow
the lanes were when they were under construction.

Well the FloorPro® Floor Flatness Profiler helps you
get things done a lot quicker than our competition,
while maintaining the same amount of accuracy.

The first few times you use it, it feels a lot like
the first time they open the new lane on the
highway.  You’re a little surprised with how much
time you’re saving and how much faster the job is
getting done.  And it feels great to get moving so

But after awhile, it just becomes the new normal.

All that time saved, and better service you’re
providing to your customer is just going to be built
in.  And that’s a good thing.

Because while your competition is asleep at the
wheel, slowly measuring a line with something like
the Dipstick® – you’ll be out there providing the
new normal.  Which means a higher level of service.

More efficiency.  And more profits for your company.

It’s really a good thing all around.

Don’t take my word for it.  Click here and see for

Of course, if you have questions and you want to
know more about what’s happening in the FloorPro®
world, and how it can help you provide a higher
level of service, you can just give us a call at

It’s up to you.  You can be the one who provides the
new normal – faster, more accurate readings.  Or you
can be the other folks who are slowly moving down
the street.

All I know is – whoever gets there first, is the

Until next time,
Carl Ytterberg, CEO
Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.

P.S. — We now are shipping FloorPro® machines
worldwide, directly from our website.  In fact, you
can start the process right now.  Here’s a link:

P.P.S. — You can also order re-calibration and
other services directly from our website:

FloorPro® and TruFlat® are trademarks of Ytterberg
Scientific Inc.  Dipstick® is a trademark of the
FACE Companies.

Why would anyone would use anything else?

Written By:

Do you ever get a phone call out of the blue,
right when you’re least expecting it, and it just
makes your day?

That happened to me the other day.

I was sitting in my office and out of the blue
I got the coolest phone call.  It was from one of
our newest customers, a gentleman in Atlanta.
He was so excited that he made me promise that I
share his story with you.

Our friend in Atlanta has worked for many years
measuring floor flatness, however like most people
he was using a Dipstick®.  And for many years he
was perfectly happy to use the Dipstick®.  He’d
go to the job site, run his really long chalk
lines, and then begin the slow and tedious
process of measuring the floor.

It’s just how it was, no problem.  Then one day
he got his Dipstick® wet.  And the thing stopped
working.  So he called to get it fixed.  That’s
where the story gets really interesting, because
when he called to get the device repaired, the
price he was quoted was less than, um, reasonable.

Lucky for him, that’s when he came up for a
breath of fresh air and discovered the FloorPro®.

We talked with him, and let him try a machine
out.  (If you’d like to do that, we might have a
loaner available…call the office at 303-565-1780).

He had not owned the machine for more than 2
weeks, but he was already out in the field using
it all the time.

Excitedly on the phone he said, “This thing is
built like a tank, yet  I can’t believe how light
it is.  The way it looked I thought it would
weigh a hundred pounds.  It’s so light!”

“That’s great,” I replied.

He said, “This is so much better than the
Dipstick®.  We used to have a Dipstick®, and
accidentally got it wet on the job site.  When we
had to pay big bucks to get it fixed we started
looking around.”

And then he continued, “Everybody is gonna be
buying the FloorPro®.  After using this machine I
don’t see why anyone would use anything else!”

So you see why this phone call made my day.

Calls like this, and folks like YOU are why we
decided to make the FloorPro® to begin with.  To
make YOUR life easier.

Carl Ytterberg

CEO Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.

PS – From time to time we have a loaner machine
that can be loaned out to folks who’ve never
tried the FloorPro®.  Unfortunately, it’s tough
to get one because they usually don’t send it
back (they buy it).  For you to just buy one,
click for the
online store!

FloorPro® and TruFlat® are trademarks of
Ytterberg Scientific Inc.  Dipstick® is a
trademark of the FACE Companies.

Write Your Name in Concrete

Written By:

My friend just told me a story that I think
you’ll like.

When my friend Ray was a kid, his dad was
putting on the finishing touches of the concrete
slab he poured for the room addition on the
back of their house.  Before he was done he
called little Ray out and handed him a nail.

“Here son, go ahead and write your initials and
today’s date in the concrete.”

I thought that was pretty cool.

A few years later he put in a basketball court
in the driveway and called him out again.

This time he said something that you and I
should never forget:  “Son, always stamp your
name on the good job you did.  Be sure to leave
your legacy.”

When I heard this story, I realize that I’ve
taken that with me in every job and day of my
life.  Those words are words to remember, and I
believe it’s important to be proud enough of the
work I do to put my name on it.

When my own father started YSI over 20 years
ago, he put his own name on the company.

Because he was proud of the fact that the
machine he had built to measure concrete floor
flatness was the best in the industry.

He created the company so that he could help you
do an efficient job that you were proud of, that
you could put your name on.

If you’re ready to write your name in the floor
measurement hall of fame you absolutely have to
have a FloorPro® in your toolbox.  Combined with
TruFlat® Software, you can create easy to read,
professional looking reports that you’ll be
proud to put your name on.

And you’ll look great as a result.

That’s why we say that when you use a FloorPro®
you are guaranteed to have the best instrument
in the market working for you and bring you cash
money with each and every use.

Year after year after year after year.

Here’s how you can stake your claim:

Until next time,

Carl Ytterberg, CEO
Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.

P.S. – FloorPro® plus TruFlat® software gives
you a turnkey floor flatness measurement system
that makes you look good, and lets you do your
job faster and easier than ever before.
All while creating high quality reports that get
you hired again and again.

FloorPro® and TruFlat® are trademarks of
Ytterberg Scientific Inc.

How the FloorPro® created new business in Indonesia

Written By:

Today I wanted to share with you a story that I’m really proud of, because it demonstrates the way that the FloorPro® is truly changing the face of the floor flatness industry.  It shows how having the right tools in place can double or triple your business – or create business out of thin air where none existed before.

My friend “Dave” was in an interesting situation.

He was from Indonesia, and found himself surrounded by opportunity everywhere.  There were floors to be measured all around him.  Everything from new construction to floor refurbishing, and in between.  But there was one serious problem.

The problem was that none of the business was going to him.

Even though he was surrounded by a world of opportunity, the measurement of the floors that were going in was all being done by foreign contractors.

He had all the keys to being successful in this industry.  Except one.

He had the desire.  He had the knowledge.  And he had the connections, because he knew where the jobs were.

But he didn’t have a floor flatness measurement device that could do the job.

So instead of cashing in on the gold mine right in front of his eyes, he was sitting on the sidelines while companies from outside the country were doing all the work.  He was frustrated and ready to throw in the towel.

This all changed when we met at the World of Concrete event in Las Vegas.

I showed him a quick demonstration of the FloorPro® and how easy it is to configure.   (It takes less than a minute)

Then I showed him how to sight up the laser and program in a run.  (This takes less than 30 seconds)

Finally I showed him how to push the start button and begin the run.  (This takes one second)

The ease of use literally made him take a step back.  I think he was truly surprised that our machine could be that easy to use.  That’s a common reaction.

You should know, however, it wasn’t the ease of use that allowed Dave to open a new line business back in Indonesia.  It was the fact that the unit is proven to measure with such precision.

The FloorPro® allows him to measure not only F-numbers, but Waviness Index and Straightedge.  He can serve any market that he wants, with no limitations on the types of jobs to bid on.

Dave went home with a  FloorPro®  that day

Now Indonesia has a home grown outfit providing professional floor flatness measurement and reporting, as it should be.

To learn more about how the FloorPro® can help you build new lines of business without any extra effort, click here:

Until next time,

Carl Ytterberg, CEO
CEO Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.

PS – All over the world, similar stories are playing out as I write this.  I invite yours to be next.

What do people and elephants have in common

Written By:

I was sitting in our office at YSI, here at 7400 feet
elevation and I came across an interesting story…

This might sound a little weird at first, but stay
with me because it applies to a huge population of

Did you know that elephants are incredibly
intelligent animals?

There are certain parts of Asia where elephants
are still being used by farmers to pull stumps and

trees from the ground, to haul logs, and to carry
heavy loads.

To the elephant, these tasks are easy, because the
elephant is so big and strong.

And the elephant is also intelligent.  There are big
festivals every year in Asia that honor these strong,
agile, and smart creatures.  That’s how important they

Elephants are also put to work performing tasks
which are beyond the ability of many smaller
domesticated animals.  And they even have a nice,
gentle nature about them.

You would think that it would take a gigantic facility
the size of an aircraft hanger to these huge animals.

But that is not the case.

In fact, after a long day of work, all the owner of an
elephant has to do is take a small rope and tie it to
a wooden stake.  Then he ties the other end of the
rope around one of the elephant’s legs and that’s it.

The elephant won’t wander off, he’ll stay put.

Isn’t that amazing?

All that is keeping this enormous, intelligent
and powerful creature from running off into the
wilderness is a small rope of twine.

Why would this be?

Because it’s not the rope made of twine that
is keeping the elephant shackled to the stake.

It’s that he doesn’t REALIZE that he can escape.

And without that, he’s stuck.

It’s been the same way in the Floor Flatness
industry.  People worldwide have been tied to
their floor flatness machines, pulling them slowly
across the floor and feeling shackled.

They are tied to their machine.  And they don’t
know that right under their nose is an easy

So many people today worldwide are going to
wake up, head to the job site, and be tied to their
machine (like elephants to stakes) all over again today.

But there’s a lucky few…those who KNOW the

Those lucky few know how to kick free from
the shackles and as a result are getting more jobs done,
with less effort, and making more money.

They aren’t doing it by dipping a stick or
pulling on a string all day long.

They are free to do other stuff while the machine
does all the work.

But that’s not the secret.

What do they know that you don’t?

They know about this:

Until next time,

Carl Ytterberg
CEO Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.

PS – It’s amazingly easy to break free from the shackles
and get more done with less effort:

FloorPro® and TruFlat® are trademarks of Ytterberg
Scientific Inc.

How to be more competitive while doing less work

Written By:

The other day one of our readers wrote a question
in, that I’d like to address for you today.

It’s a common question, and it goes like this:

“Can owning a FloorPro® make me more competitive in
my industry?”

The short answer: Yes.  But there are hidden
advantages to owning a FloorPro® that your
competition doesn’t know about, and if you use
these to YOUR advantage…you’ll be unstoppable.

As you know, test labs around the world are
competing on accuracy, speed and professionalism.

Delivering accurate reporting of F-numbers,
Straightedge, and even Waviness Index is going to
be first and foremost the priority.

The FloorPro® can deliver this for you.  And, on a
good day, so can the Dipstick®, the F-Meter®, and
other similar devices.

So getting an accurate reading alone is not going
to put you ahead of the competition, but you’re
going to get an accurate reading each and every time
when you use a FloorPro.

What I’m really excited about is to tell you about
these couple hidden advantages that almost nobody
knows about, and when you learn these secretes,
you’ll be way ahead of the competition.

The first advantage is the FloorPro®’s speed.

To setup and use a FloorPro®, you’ll go from out of
the case to running it in the field in well under 5
minutes.  And you’ll be finished with a run faster
than if you used an F-Meter® or a Dipstick®.

The main reason is because you won’t be attending
the machine.  You’ll be doing something else.

The hidden advantage of speed gives you an edge on
the competition, because you can pull 2, 3 or even
4 times as many jobs in the same amount of time –
and be just as accurate.

The next hidden advantage is TruFlat software.

TruFlat software allows you to take your instant
F-number/Straightedge/Waviness Index readings from
the FloorPro®, and insert them into professional
looking reports.

Professional looking reports that are easy to read
and understand make YOU look good, and get you
hired again and again.

These are just two of the hundreds of hidden
advantages that you’ll experience when you start
using your FloorPro®.  Do more in less time, make
more money, and beat out your competition.

Here’s how:

Until next time,
Carl Ytterberg, CEO
Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.

PS – If you have a question that you’d like me to
answer, shoot me an email at
Or, you can always call our phone line, where a
real live human being will pickup during business
hours and be happy to answer any questions you
have:  303-565-1780.

From our satisfied customer:
“I like the FloorPro® for the fact that you can pour
a floor, run it across, get your tolerances, and
shoot a report over to the contractors right away.
It’s easy to use and gives us our numbers so we can
prove we have our tolerances for the job.”

Branson Neff
MorCon, Inc.
MorConInc of Las Vegas, Nevada is a leader in the
Southwest’s concrete construction industry with over
40 years of experience.

FloorPro® and TruFlat® are trademarks of Ytterberg
Scientific Inc.  Dipstick® is a trademark of the
FACE Companies.  F-Meter® is a trademark of the
Allen Face & Company

From Shackles to Freedom

Written By:

Do you remember the movie “The Shawshank
Redemption”?  The main character played by Tim
Robbins gets put into prison by mistake, even
getting thrown into solitary confinement after
getting his butt kicked.  Some days it sounds a lot
like measuring a floor, doesn’t it?

So a friend of mine gives me a call the other day,
and I could have sworn he was caught in Shawshank
prison.  He was telling me about being out on a job
and having to literally use his hand and arm to
rotate his unit off its forward point to the next
location, about it forward point, so that he was
stepping down the line.

The problem, he said, is that it was boring and it
was taking FOREVER to get his job done.  And then
when he was finished, he still had all the other
stuff to do.  He’s been working late, getting
frustrated, and just generally hating life.

I asked him what the hell he was doing still driving
himself crazy like that.   I mean, what he’s doing
is not difficult, but it is tedious, and time
consuming, and occupies a hundred percent of his
energy.  And he can’t do anything else in the

Now he’s a smart guy, and he’s got better things to
do than sit there dipping a stick to measure the
floor.  Phone calls, interruptions from clients,
trips to the bathroom all interfere with stick
dippin’ (and worse, vice-versa).

I told him about how about 20 years ago, I started
using the FloorPro®, and how it changed everything.
I was able to get more work done, and actually get
home on time (including getting all the reports
done).  The first time I used the FloorPro®, I
literally felt like Tim Robbins’ character at the
end of the movie, where he climbs through a long
dark tunnel for a mile, and then finally raises
his hands up in celebration – FREEDOM!

You can experience the same feeling by getting your
hands on a FloorPro® here:

Until next time,
Carl Ytterberg, CEO

P.S. – We’re getting calls every day about how the
FloorPro® is changing things for the better, all
over the world.  You can make your own world better
too, easily.  Click here:

FloorPro® and TruFlat® are trademarks of Ytterberg
Scientific Inc.

Just “Set it…and Forget It”

Written By:

Do you remember the old infomercial that used to be on TV by Ron Popeil, the creator of the Showtime Rotisserie?  In that commercial he showed how easy it was to make gourmet rotisserie chicken, ribs, and all sorts of other good food.

By the end of the commercial your mouth was watering and you were either on the phone buying…or headed out to the local supermarket for some chicken.

At the heart of the commercial was Ron saying to the audience in a call and response…You Just Set It…and Forget It.

We’re manufacturers here at YSI, so we don’t do the informercial thing.  We’re pretty practical.

However if we did do a commercial, we would have to use the same saying…”Set It…and Forget It.”

That’s because the FloorPro® floor flatness measurement device is so easy to use.

In fact, when we take the FloorPro® to trade shows and do a live demonstration, the first thing that anyone says is, “I can’t believe it’s that easy!”

Our unit is ready to use out of the box in less than 3 minutes.

Once you’ve entered info about the job, you’re actually just telling it to “Go” and then doing something else.  The machine does all the work.

A lot of times people will take the machine out, set it up on site, and then let it run.  They talk on the phone, interact with their customer, handle other business, and the FloorPro® just does all the work.  Then they take their readings and go home.

People ask, “Is that it? There’s got to be more.”

But there isn’t.

Contrast that with the Dipstick®.

With the Dipstick®, you’re tied to the machine.  If you’re easily distracted, or have to use the bathroom, or take a phone call during a reading – you’re out of luck.  If you stop in the middle of a run…well, you’re starting over.

With the FloorPro®, if you have to stop  it for some reason – you just hit the stop button.

Then when it’s time to start again, you pull the machine back 6 inches and start again.

The 6 inch dimensions are even inscribed on the machine itself, no ruler needed…it’s that easy!

It really is a “Set it and forget it” machine.

Here’s where you can get yours:

Until next time,

Carl Ytterberg
CEO Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.

PS – Often times I hear “Sure, it might be easy to use…but it’s not as accurate as the Dipstick®.”  Not true.  Call our offices and we’ll give you a detailed, personalized report on the accuracy of the FloorPro®, and how using it to measure your floors can make your life easier and increase your business immediately: 303.565.1780

FloorPro® and TruFlat® are trademarks of YSI. Dipstick® is a trademark of the FACE Companies

What people like most about the FloorPro®

Written By:

Whenever we take the FloorPro Floor Flatness measurement device out and about to work sites, trade shows, or just about anywhere, it always turns heads.

After all, it’s not every day that you see something that looks like a shoebox with wheels automatically rolling down a concrete floor taking measurements without any human intervention.

One day recently we were showing the FloorPro® to a group of people, we stopped and asked each of them what they liked most about the FloorPro®.  The answers surprised us, but they probably won’t surprise you.

First, they liked the ease of use.

To get the FloorPro® started, you only have to type a few quick commands into the onboard computer interface, and then set the machine down.  You turn on the laser sight, line the machine up, and then press go.  It’s really that easy.

There are no chalk lines to snap.  There is nothing else you have to do at this point, except wait for the machine to do the work.  As it should be.

The second thing that people liked about the FloorPro, when we asked them, was that the LCD readout showed the FloorPro®’s measurements instantly.  There was no waiting for information if you were in a hurry, and the LCD readout was very easy to read.  People really enjoyed that they could get their measurements as fast as they wanted, without waiting.

The third thing that people really liked about the FloorPro® is how it takes measurements every six inches, on its own.  There is no towing the machine from place to place with a string, no pivoting a stick by hand (like there is with some other leading brands) and basically no human interaction at all…besides hitting the start button.  Every six inches a measurement is taken, and that’s all there is to it.

There are a lot of other things to love about the FloorPro®.  These are just a few of the favorite benefits that people like most.

Here is where you can find out how the FloorPro® can make your life easier while allowing you to do more jobs, faster, all while getting fast automatic measurements:

Until next time,

Carl Ytterberg
President and CEO
Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.

FloorPro® and TruFlat® are trademarks of YSI.


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