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Q: How does the FloorPro® match up head-to-head with Dipstick® and

A: FloorPro® BEATS The Competition!

Get Done Faster!
Real Results from the Real World...

The FloorPro® allows you to be productive by instantly reporting answers on its LCD and producing reports almost immediately so you won’t have to work late hours into the night. Our customers tell us it is a much faster machine than the other ones they've used, and you can finish in half the time.

For example, if you had a four-hour job with a competitor's machine, we've been told that you can save an hour or an hour and a half a day in testing or more.  Over a year, that's 200 to 300 hours. That’s real money in your pocket, and real time to do other billable work.

What The FloorPro® Is
And Why It's Different

The FloorPro® is smaller than a shoe box, weighs 11 pounds and is powered by 8 D-cell batteries that last about 10 hours when in constant use. It is a self-propelled, rolling precision inclinometer device that travels 40 ft. [12 m] per minute on hardened stainless steel wheels with an aluminum chassis and parts that are hard anondized to military specification.

It has a laser headlight for aiming. On the back of the durable cover is an RS 232 (9 pin serial) cable port for rapid data downloading to your computer. A carrying handle slides out the front of the chassis. On top of the cover, a backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) prompts the user to input the necessary project information that will appear in the TruFlat® reports. At the end of each survey line, the FF and FL number, Waviness, and Straightedge results can be seen immediately in the LCD.

How The FloorPro® Works For You

FloorPro® Is Available Now In Both Standard And Metric Measurement Specifications


At the beginning of the day, type in complete project information as prompted by the LCD. After that, change only the file name and run length. If you want to, change the name of the test section(s) as you go.

For each run, enter the distance, set the FloorPro® at the start point, aim the laser beam at a wall or reflective tape on a target. Then press "RUN". The FloorPro® will automatically drive the specified distance and stop.

As the FloorPro® travels the survey line, many inclinometer slope readings are gathered over a 1" interval every 6", averaged and average saved as the 6" slope. Those slopes are saved in a flash RAM (memory independent of the batteries) and used by the microprocessor to compute the flatness indices displayed on the LCD.

Later, the FloorPro® memory is downloaded to TruFlat® in your computer to produce hard-copy reports.

The FloorPro® comes complete with manuals, in a foam-lined carrying case that can be checked as baggage.



Accomplish More In Less Time
and Serve More Markets

People come to us looking for the answer to the question - Can we use the FloorPro® to compete?

We respond by saying absolutely yes!

With the FloorPro® and TruFlat® Software:

  • You can provide contract compliance
  • You can compete successfully against anyone with a Dipstick® or F-Meter®in half the time
  • You can produce professional looking reports - the reporting capabilities are far superior with the FloorPro® system
  • While you're testing, you can work with the contractor or owner - your customer - while the other guys are busy manually towing or twiddling their machines

The #1 benefit to using the FloorPro® is that it doesn’t occupy your time during the course of measurement. Just at the beginning and the end of the run. No other competing device comes close.

Head to Head with the Dipstick®
The FloorPro® Comes out on Top

We're catching a lot of heat for publishing this, but it's the truth. Third party tests show that from an accuracy standpoint, the FloorPro® and the Dipstick® are basically the same.

So the question becomes which one is faster and easier to use?

The FloorPro® is.

Contrast this with having to literally use your hand and arm to rotate the unit off its forward point to the next location, around its forward point, so that they are stepping down the line.  It's a mind-numbing, tedious, time consuming, process that occupies a hundred percent of your attention.

Compare this with the FloorPro®. You begin your run by pressing a button. In the meantime, make a phone call, confer with your client, or take notes. At the end, you press another button. Nothing tedious at all about that.

Here's How To Order The World's Best Value Floor Flatness Profiler - The FloorPro®.


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